d - 400 in a sentence

  1. During this time the D-400 engine became popular.
  2. Between Nizip and Cizre, D-400 is part of the European route.
  3. Hotels, cultural centers, commercial and public buildings line up along D-400.
  4. The southernmost point of the initial project had been the D-400 state road.
  5. In this Oceania market, the D-400 was called the Iron Horse engine.
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  7. Large-scale industries were built along D-400 state road and Karata _  road.
  8. Seyhan's north of D-400, is economically the most developed part of the city.
  9. The D-400 engines are now a popular engine restoration job due to their distinctive shape and low cost.
  10. Beyond the university, the boulevard continues for another in Mezitli second level municipality before merging to D-400.
  11. Old town, located south of D-400, is the market place where traditional and modern shops serve the residents.
  12. The street runs from D-400 state road to the Central Train Station and the shops are concentrated towards the north end.
  13. D-400 state road ( also called Turhan Cemal Beriker Boulevard within the city limits ) divides the district into north and south.
  14. D-400 engines were single-cylinder engines designed and manufactured by the Outboard Marine Corporation ( OMC; Johnson and Evinrude ) for Lawn-Boy and Masport.
  15. D-400 runs through the cities of Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Alanya, Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, ^ anl1urfa, and Hakk鈘i and links to 12px in Iran.
  16. The "'D-400 "'series engine or the "'Iron Horse "'engine was a light-duty two-stroke engine used for powering lawnmowers produced in the 1960s to the early 1980s.
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