cylinder in a sentence

"cylinder" meaning  "cylinder" in Chinese  
  1. Those two who played last night are 12-cylinder teams.
  2. You're going to hit on all cylinders one day.
  3. "But we didn't hit on all cylinders.
  4. Pringles potato chips packaged in cylinders were consumed at our house.
  5. But when this show clicks, it hits on all cylinders.
  6. It's difficult to find cylinder in a sentence.
  7. I plan to be ready for the French on all cylinders.
  8. It's just getting everybody else clicking on all cylinders.
  9. "They're firing on all cylinders ."
  10. The locking cylinder is fitted into the exterior of the door.
  11. Or were they just confused about the number of steam cylinders?
  12. Entrance lock, cylinder, grip handle : $ 111.60
  13. The economy is firing on most cylinders if not all cylinders.
  14. The economy is firing on most cylinders if not all cylinders.
  15. We need to have everyone healthy and working on all cylinders.
  16. Problem was, BC wasn't firing on all cylinders.
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