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  1. Study of material for curtain grouting in karst tunnel
  2. Inclined genesis of deep curtain grout hole and disposal methods
  3. Curtain grouting test for replacing seepage prevention wall of stage i soil - rock cofferdam of tgp
  4. Drilling technique of vertical curtain grouting in the deep foundation pit in wuhan changjiang square
  5. Power intake dam section foundation impervious curtain grouting in the dachaoshan hydropower plant
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  7. Construction and quality control of curtain grouting in foundation of dam for dalong water control project
  8. Design and construction of dam foundation impervious curtain grouting for dachaoshan hydropower station
  9. Construction technique of curtain grouting and deep - hole grouting from ground surface used for tianxinshan tunnel
  10. This article aims to study and analyze the curtain grouting on rock foundation and puts forward an improved proposal
  11. Through grouting practice of design and construction , it is proved feasible and cheaper to use dam heavy curtain grouting technology for leakproof and bracing for foundation pit in the sandy gravel stratum
  12. The cutoff wall near the dam axis , the consolidation grouting and the curtain grouting for the foundation , and the high pressure jet - grouted cutoff wall at the toe of the dam form a vertical anti - seepage system for the dam foundation
  13. The packing gland for the conventional high - pressure grouting is modified to be adaptable to the low - pressure curtain grouting ; by which the application area of the grouting method is enlarged along with improved grouting quality and shortened construction period
  14. It is suggested that the impervious wall combined with curtain grouting should be taken as the main vertical impervious body for seepage control , and that the full use of slope wash and fully weathered zone as horizontal impervious blanket should be taken to reduce work load for seepage control
  15. A brief introduction is given to the treatment of the zeya dam foundation , principles of seepage control and design of the concrete face rockfill dam of the zeya reservoir . as for the excavation of the sand - gravel zones , except the toe slab and its 1 / 9 bottom width down stream , the alluvial layers are excavated to the micro - weathered rocks , while the other sections remain unexcavated . regarding to the treatment of the fracture zones , concrete filling is used for the toe slabs and semi - permeable materials are used for other section . according to the construction characteristics , a filter is placed in the down stream embankment foot . to improve the integrity of the dam foundation and anti - seepage capability consolidation grouting and curtain grouting are adopted . as a result safety , economic benefit , convenience in construction and good performace are achieved
  16. This paper introduces the applicability and grouting effect of the single cement slurry , double grout ( cement slurry water glass slurry ) and the fine cement slurry under different condition with an example of gele mountain , and puts forward that for the curtain grouting of karst tunnel the priority is given to improved single cement slurry
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