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  1. They've tried six different currencies in the past decade.
  2. The U . S . dollar is the most favored currency.
  3. While " currency speculation is self-limiting,"
  4. The only legal currency was plastic, silver tokens of scrip.
  5. The bond and currency markets were also a weight on stocks.
  6. It's difficult to find currency in a sentence.
  7. Violators of currency rules face up to eight years in prison.
  8. Travelers deciding what form of currency to use face several considerations.
  9. But reserve-currency status requires much more than economic muscle.
  10. Funds can diversify, and they often hedge against currency swings.
  11. Its own currency, the lek, is not accepted abroad.
  12. Peg the currency to the price of Power Ranger action figures.
  13. Anyone doing business internationally has to watch the currency fluctuations carefully.
  14. Currency exchange-rate changes added three percentage points to sales,
  15. The rial is not convertible with the currencies of other countries.
  16. By far the biggest negative occurred in the foreign currency markets.
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