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  1. Curragh, Ireland _ horse racing, Irish St . Leger.
  2. Wavell was working at the War Office during the Curragh Incident.
  3. The unit is based in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
  4. Newbridge expanded rapidly after the Curragh Camp was established in 1855.
  5. He won his first race at the Curragh Cup in 1972.
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  7. In August, Tiggy Wiggy faced Anthem Alexander and the Curragh.
  8. Curragh, Ireland _ horseracing, Irish St . Leger.
  9. Bronze statues of him stand at Ballydoyle and at The Curragh racecourse.
  10. Curragh Resources purchased the property in 1985 and production resumed in 1986.
  11. Curragh Resources went bankrupt in 1993, partially due to the disaster.
  12. After 32 days he was transferred to Curragh Military Hospital.
  13. He was imprisoned in the Curragh from 1936 to 1938.
  14. He is commemorated by a statue in the Curragh Racecourse.
  15. He was interned at the Curragh Camp and released in 1924
  16. The event used to be held at the Curragh in mid August.
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