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  1. Levinson is not the curmudgeon he may seem from these sentiments.
  2. Clever curmudgeon 18 : 56, 9 June 2006 ( UTC)
  3. So I don't worry about being a curmudgeon,"
  4. When asked about government securities, he reverts to his curmudgeon mode.
  5. Young Kids with Shoe Contracts vs . Old Curmudgeons with Canvas Sneakers.
  6. It's difficult to find curmudgeon in a sentence.
  7. Hoffman's no sideline-sitting curmudgeon, however.
  8. Am I a curmudgeon'cause I don't care
  9. Don't you hate it when the crotchety curmudgeons are right?
  10. Even critics and curmudgeons like myself are feeling the excitement.
  11. He is remembered as both a genius and a curmudgeon.
  12. Stephenson was most often cast as curmudgeon and irascible characters.
  13. And what curmudgeon would want it to ? ""
  14. "Curmudgeons don't conspire ."
  15. After all, who wants to be the curmudgeon to argue with romance?
  16. I asked where the break-off point was between curmudgeon and crab.
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