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  1. The larval cuckoo bee then consumes the larder and later emerges from the cell.
  2. Several " Exomalopsis " are associated with kleptoparasites, especially cuckoo bees.
  3. Each species of cuckoo bee has a specific host species, which it may physically resemble.
  4. The preserved cleptoparasitic Cuckoo bee genus.
  5. Many cuckoo bees are closely related to their hosts, and may bear similarities in appearance reflecting this relationship.
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  7. Host species for this cuckoo bee include the western bumblebee ( " B . occidentalis " ).
  8. The female fills the brood cells with a mixture of nectar and pollen, and lays one cuckoo bees ."
  9. When the cuckoo bee larva hatches it consumes the host larva's pollen ball, and often the host egg also.
  10. Nest-making bumblebees can be distinguished from similarly large, fuzzy cuckoo bees by the form of the female hind leg.
  11. As in other cuckoo bees, females can be easily distinguished from those of their hosts by the lack of fimbria and basitibial plates.
  12. Pollinators include mason bees, small carpenter bees, cuckoo bees, halictid bees, syrphid flies, tachinid flies, blow flies, and others.
  13. Like all bees, the neon cuckoo bee is covered by furry, branched, flattened hair, which is responsible for both the black and blue colours.
  14. The newly described cuckoo bee " Nomada medellinenses " moves into the nests of " E . aburraensis " and lays its eggs there.
  15. When the cuckoo bee larva hatches it consumes the host larva's pollen ball, and, if the female kleptoparasite has not already done so, kills and eats the host larva.
  16. However, this serves well in the defense of cuckoo bees, as there are no weak points between the abdominal segments of the cuckoo bee for other bees to pierce through using their stingers.
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