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  1. It was another day of cross currents in the financial markets Monday.
  2. Cross Currents Gallery : The Handwoven Home, 86 N . Main St.
  3. Using paddles, men struggled to steer the crafts through the cross currents.
  4. "But there's a cross current and that's a sluggish economy ."
  5. "There are too many interesting cross currents, " said GOP analyst Kevin Phillips.
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  7. Shows included the portraits of painter Heinz Rabbow in " Cross Currents ".
  8. In 2010, Landmark completed the purchase of the adjacent Cross Current Megachurch building.
  9. In setting policy, the Fed confronted unusually strong cross currents in the economy.
  10. The stock market was buffetted by a number of cross currents.
  11. The economy continues to be buffeted by strong cross currents,
  12. Smith said, adding that Messier's " strong leadership will override " any cross currents.
  13. Beneath the easy-going rapport, though, were cross currents of the most serious nature possible.
  14. The following year " Cross Currents " appeared, with Eddie Gomez and Peter Erskine.
  15. Sometimes they are bound to collide, creating cross currents.
  16. There are a number of cross currents taking place and No . 1 is the economy.
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