cross cup in a sentence

  1. She came third at the 2010 Lotto Cross Cup Brussels.
  2. On the circuit, she won the 2009 Lotto Cross Cup Brussels.
  3. He is the only non Belgian to win the Lotto Cross Cup.
  4. She opened 2012 with a win at the Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut.
  5. She also won the Warandeloop and Lotto Cross Cup Brussels races that winter.
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  7. She won the 2009 Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut cross country race in 2009.
  8. Renders also competed in cross country running and won Belgium's 1996 97 Lotto Cross Cup series.
  9. She was also runner-up at two cross country races ( Sylvestercross and Mol Lotto Cross Cup ).
  10. Auckland came back from 19-0 down to sweep by New South Wales in the Southern Cross Cup encounter.
  11. He competed in Lotto Cross Cup cross country meetings and won the domestic series in 1996 97 and 1997 98.
  12. Near ground zero, empty Red Cross cups blew around the piles of broken glass, twisted steel and burned cars.
  13. He secured a second career win at the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels later that month, holding off the Kenyan challengers.
  14. He was the top European behind Kenya's Isiah Koech at the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels meet later that month.
  15. He also applied himself to cross country running and won the Lotto Cross Cup in the 1993 94 and 1995 96 seasons.
  16. She was a successful cross country runner on the Belgian circuit and won the inaugural women's Lotto Cross Cup in 1984.
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