cross cup brussels in a sentence

  1. She came third at the 2010 Lotto Cross Cup Brussels.
  2. On the circuit, she won the 2009 Lotto Cross Cup Brussels.
  3. She also won the Warandeloop and Lotto Cross Cup Brussels races that winter.
  4. He secured a second career win at the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels later that month, holding off the Kenyan challengers.
  5. He was the top European behind Kenya's Isiah Koech at the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels meet later that month.
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  7. In December, he returned to cross country and won the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels by a margin of over half a minute.
  8. She won the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels in 2001 and went on to take bronze in the short race at the World Cross Country Championships that year.
  9. Bogomolova has also had success in cross country running : she took individual gold at the 2002 European Cross Country Championships and won the 2002 edition of the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels.
  10. She competed in smaller scale events in 2010 but was rewarded with numerous victories, including the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels, the K?Lauf and Alsterlauf Hamburg 10K runs, half marathons in Hamburg and Alt鰐ting, and the Z黵cher Silvesterlauf.
  11. She has been very successful in the Lotto Cross Cup ( Belgium's domestic cross country series ), having won the series overall a total of eight times, including six consecutive wins from 2003 09 . This included a win at the Lotto Cross Cup Brussels in 2007, in which she finished ahead of Lornah Kiplagat and Emebt Etea.

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