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  1. However, the problem of cross culture contamination has not disappeared.
  2. WEC workers cross cultures as servants, as learners, as friends.
  3. In New York, you don't cross the street, you cross cultures.
  4. They cross cultures as well as courses, adding texture and flavor to a variety of dishes.
  5. The concept of spouses dying together seems to tap into a dark romantic yearning that crosses cultures and generations.
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  7. In September 2015, Tiu founded Cross Cultures, an events platform that promotes the exchange of culture through food.
  8. "Character education " is an effort to focus on shared values that cross cultures, religions and politics.
  9. Cross culture contamination is now a generally accepted risk, and there are many genetic markers available to accurately characterize human cell cultures.
  10. However, this conclusion has come into question, as more recent psychological theory acknowledges that psychological testing does not cross cultures with complete accuracy.
  11. Also in 2006, Alias'Christian division, Cross Culture Entertainment, began publication of " Bubblemag ", a Christian pop culture magazine.
  12. In Kenya they fared better as they had adopted the cross culture between colonial life and East African life and became known as " Kenya born ".
  13. Those who know him say Blix _ who speaks French, German, English, and Swedish _ is a consensus builder with the ability to cross cultures.
  14. But there was evidence, too, that her hard-nosed style clashed with the sluggish and conservative Red Cross culture and its 50-member board of governors.
  15. While the bareback riding didn't exactly grab their interest, the free straw hats and the tractor clowns were a definite hit _ freebies and slapstick comedy cross culture divides.
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