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"cross crosslet" in Chinese  
  1. The griffins have a cross crosslet and an escallop shell respectively hanging around their necks.
  2. The arms of Brett are : " Or, a lion rampant between six crosses crosslet fitchy gules ".
  3. In the coat of arms of the former Metropolitan Borough of Hammersmith, the cross crosslet and the escallop shell were used as charges on the shield.
  4. The " cross crosslet " type of cross, one in which the ends of each arm are crossed, is frequently seen, particularly on Hutsul and Bukovynian pysanky.
  5. Unlike all other decorations in that time that were mostly inspired on the cross crosslet ( " cruce repetat " ), a design that was then unique in decorational design.
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  7. The municipality s heraldic language be described thus : Gules on a mount of three in base vert a stag passant reguardant argent unguled Or with a cross crosslet of the same instead of attires.
  8. Or, a lion rampant Gules charged with three bars Argent holding in the dexter paw a branch of olive proper between in the dexter chief and sinister base a cross crosslet fitchy Sable and in the sinister chief and dexter base a shamrock slipped Vert.
  9. She bore : Argent, a chevron gules between in chief two crosses botonny fitchy sable and in base a boar's head couped sable langued gules-a coat slightly differing from that of Kennedy of Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, which has crosses crosslet fitchy.
  10. The new arms are blazoned " Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Argent, a Buck's Head cabossed Gules attired Or on a Chief engrailed Azure a cross crosslet fitch鑕 between two mullets of the First; 2nd and 3rd, Gyronny of eight Sable and Or.
  11. Mr Clinton's arms are blazoned thus : Or a lion rampant gules charged with three bars argent holding in the dexter paw a branch of olive proper between in the dexter chief and sinister base a cross crosslet fitch閑 sable and in the sinister chief and dexter base a shamrock slipped vert.
  12. A small monumental brass of a kneeling knight exists in Monkleigh Church high up on the north wall of the chancel, affixed to a stone tablet on which are sculpted several heraldic escutcheons of the arms of Coffin ( " Azure, three bezants between eight crosses crosslet or " ) impaling arms of their heiresses.
  13. His heraldry is : " Hope ( as borne by William Williams Hope, of London esq . ) Azure a chevron or, between three bezants, within a bordure of the second, quartering Williams, viz . argent a greyhound courant sable between three Cornish choughs proper within a bordure engrailed azure charged with four crosses crosslet or, and as many bezants alternatly.
  14. Crests  First, a globe fractured proper charged with an anchor sable over the globe a rainbow, for Hope; second, a cubit arm erect, habited sable charged with a cross crosslet or, and cuffed of the last, the band holding two sprigs of oak in saltire proper acorned or, on the hand a Cornish chough statant, also proper for Williams ."
  15. The Shedden arms were " Azure, on a chevron, betwixt three Griffins'Heads, erazed, Argent; as many Cross Cross-lets fitchee, Gules; on a chiefl of the second, an Escalop Shell of the first, inter two Cinquefoils of the third . " When translated the Arms description is : Blue : on a silver chevron between three griffins'heads jagged, three red crosses crosslet pointed at the foot; on a silver upper third a blue shell between two red cinquefoils.

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