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  1. He has every race, color and creed in his school.
  2. He killed without regard to race, creed color or age.
  3. I live by a creed of personal growth all the time.
  4. He listens to bands like Creed and Days of the New.
  5. He still holds dear much of the neo-Nazi creed.
  6. It's difficult to find creed in a sentence.
  7. Creed said, lifting a chai tea latte to his nostrils.
  8. At least 79 celebrities and politicians support Cuomo's creed.
  9. In Republican circles these days, Reaganism is a holy creed.
  10. In the process, conservatism has become the creed of hope.
  11. "The creed is fine, " she said.
  12. He wears Apollo Creed-style boxer shorts over his swimsuit.
  13. The Durant creed : Don't just talk, do!
  14. Recording artist Creed highlighted a halftime show dedicated to the organization.
  15. The Ranger creed declares that no fallen comrade be left behind.
  16. It's against his personal code and creed ."
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