creed live in a sentence

  1. People from all caste and creed live together in harmony here.
  2. People of very different faiths and creeds live here, often next door to each other.
  3. The song was performed by the band during their 2009 reunion tour and appears on their live DVD " Creed Live ".
  4. ""'Creed Live " "'is the first concert film by the American rock band United States military troops fighting overseas.
  5. At first the Creeds lived in an existing house, presumably built for Raglan, but in May 1873 a homestead was constructed for them by a Mr Pershouse.
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  7. IN this post Mark underlines that not only CREED LIVE is a solid and decided project, but that also that on Thursday November 19th, 2009, in selected theaters, people and fans will be able to see the concert AS A MOVIE first time in history!
  8. The band also released a record-breaking concert film titled " Creed Live " in December 2009 . Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips, initially planned to alternate tours between Alter Bridge and Creed with the singers of both bands working on their own projects while the other band is active.

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