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  1. Activities it covers include Sailing, Windsurfing, Motor cruising, Powerboating & Personal watercraft
  2. The ground covers include Entolasia marginata, Cymbopogon refractus, Dichondra repens, Commelina cyanea.
  3. They sing rockabilly, blues, and country covers including three Hank Williams tunes.
  4. Subjects LGC covers include finance, law, management, third sector and social services.
  5. Her other international covers include the Italian and Chinese editions of Vogue.
  6. It's difficult to find cover include in a sentence.
  7. Other notable covers include ones by Etta James and The Dixie Chicks.
  8. Godfrey appeared on every major magazine cover including " Cosmopolitan " magazine.
  9. Most covers included the title of one of the episodes as well.
  10. More notable covers include Arch Enemy's version, for a " Kerrang !"
  11. The $ 20 cover includes a cocktail or glass of wine.
  12. Featured stars from hit shows on the cover include " The West Wing's"
  13. Other artists frequently featured on the cover include Namie Amuro and Kumi Koda.
  14. "Areas it covers include administration, governance, coaching, schools and academies, " he said.
  15. The vinyl release also features another cover including the Buffalo Man.
  16. The ground cover includes bearberry and teaberry sub-shrubs, lichens and mosses.
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