couric in a sentence

"couric" in Chinese  
  1. Couric has been credited with boosting the show's ratings.
  2. The new pairing reflects Couric's status as senior partner.
  3. Here is what she would tell Katie Couric about that place:
  4. Katie Couric still reigns supreme in the network morning TV competition.
  5. She was interviewed by Katie Couric and The New York Times.
  6. It's difficult to find couric in a sentence.
  7. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer do their " Today"
  8. Katie Couric calls it " the big kahuna ."
  9. But, Emily Couric's death makes you realize something.
  10. Otherwise, why pay Katie Couric 65 million bucks to perk?
  11. Couric asked the girls what they had learned from their ordeal.
  12. Tara, Lucchino said, is a huge fan of Couric.
  13. Couric said as she took a break in her legislative office.
  14. Emily Couric : http : / / www . emilycouric . com
  15. _" Katie Couric : Confronting Colon Cancer,"
  16. NBC's Katie Couric interviewed him on " Today"
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