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  1. He can't go back to Dutchess County soon enough.
  2. Last year, Cobb County adopted a resolution condemning gay people.
  3. They appropriated $ 2 million to help the counties buy equipment.
  4. Five other branches will be in upstate Chenango and Otsego counties.
  5. Ken Deischer, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's detective.
  6. It's difficult to find county in a sentence.
  7. More than 750 of those structures are in Los Angeles County.
  8. From all over the county, she could hear the moans.
  9. Then he was driven to the Cumberland County jail in Fayetteville.
  10. He completed his internship at the Los Angeles County General Hospital.
  11. Slattery's winning margin exceeded 60 percent in some counties.
  12. "It's tracking toward the county,"
  13. He estimates there are about five such locations in the county.
  14. Ulster and Sullivan counties will receive a portion of these revenues.
  15. The race meets are Ireland's version of county fairs.
  16. Los Angeles County grand jury proceedings are conducted behind closed doors.
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