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  1. He is now the Deputy Speaker, Kilifi County Assembly.
  2. In October 1998 he was elected member of the Zala County Assembly.
  3. From 1995 to 1998 he was deputy chairman of the county assembly.
  4. He made it to the County Assembly as well.
  5. He ran for one of 12 At-Large Essex County Assembly seats.
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  7. The party has representatives in the local councils of some cities and county assemblies.
  8. One of these was the Zagreb County Assembly.
  9. In 1873 he was elected to the first Grant County Assembly district ( the incorporations.
  10. It also won 19 of 21 county assemblies, and took control of most town councils.
  11. He held the position of party group leader in the County Assembly from 1990 to 1998.
  12. Several months later Yen _ then a former Taichung County Assembly speaker _ was taken into custody.
  13. Kossuth continued to report ( in letter form ), covering the debates of the county assemblies.
  14. Essex County was split from Clinton County, but remained in a double-county Assembly district.
  15. In 1995, the Kinmen County Police Department and Tentative County Assembly were relocated to other place.
  16. There are thirty Members of County Assembly ( MCAs ) representing the thirty wards at Narok County Assembly.
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