county archives in a sentence

  1. The building now houses the Clarendon County Archives and History Center.
  2. The time capsule today is housed in the Elgin County Archives.
  3. Church records are kept at the West Yorkshire County Archives.
  4. Cheshire historian George Ormerod's notes are donated to the county archive.
  5. Today, the Old Gaol houses the Charlotte County Archives and its extensive collections.
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  7. But now new information about the Jukeses has been discovered in university and county archives.
  8. The Midland Group s collected paperwork was deposited with Nottinghamshire County Archive in January 1988.
  9. A second attempt in late 2000 found copies of the document within the Jefferson County archives.
  10. To view documents, customers must provide a County Archive Research Network ( CARN ) ticket.
  11. No full copies in British Library, nor with County Archive or Library services in Staffordshire.
  12. Consultation opens on relocating the county archives, currently held in inadequate storage conditions in Chester.
  13. The Clay County Museum and Historical Society and the Clay County Archives also cater to history buffs.
  14. To consult original documents researchers need to be members of CARN ( County Archive Research Network ).
  15. From 2002-2006 new construction created a new museum building that includes the Northumberland County Archives.
  16. He reopened the Orange County Archives as well as implemented Orange County's innovative Electronic Recording System.
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