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  1. They were generously rewarded and Conrad was appointed to many countships.
  2. These countships were partitioned between themselves many times over the next 700 years.
  3. In this way the three contiguous countships that formed the core of an emerging Champagne
  4. Henry held a succession of countships after his father's death in 980.
  5. Henry of Schweinfurt did subsequently gain new and old countships before his death in 1017.
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  7. At a diet near Lippspringe, he divided the land into missionary districts and Frankish countships.
  8. The new baronies and countships, owing their existence entirely to the crown, introduced a strong solvent into aristocratic circles.
  9. His older brother was dukedom of Nemours, the marquisates of Coucy and Folembray, and the countships of Dourdan and Romorantin.
  10. At the same time Charles refuses to allow Louis to nominate to the countships left vacant in the emperor's absence.
  11. She brought great estates as her dowry, including the countships of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise and Soissons in Picardy.
  12. Also in 820, Bera went into political disfavour and lost the countships of Barcelona and Girona, which also went to Rampon.
  13. After 1569 no more countships were made into peers, and peerage was exclusively given to duchies ( " duc et pair " ).
  14. Historically there have been sovereign principalities with many styles of ruler, such as Countships, Margraviates and even Lordships; especially within the Holy Roman Empire.
  15. On his side, the King of England gave up the duchy of Touraine, the countships of Anjou and Maine, the suzerainty of Brittany and of Flanders.
  16. At that time the countships of the region were reestablished, resulting in the construction of fortified residences that served as shelters and residences for the masters of the land.
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