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  1. Nicetius was replaced in the countship of Clermont by one Eulalius.
  2. Without male issue, his earldom and his countship became extinct.
  3. John inherited the countship of Soissons from his father in 1302.
  4. He was succeeded by his brother Otto in the countship.
  5. The countship was subsequently held by Suzanne de Bourbon, in 1505.
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  7. At first subjected to the countship of Doria and De Mari families.
  8. As a result of the battle Robert claimed the countship of Flanders.
  9. This had been part of the former Countship of Arnstein.
  10. The Niederlahngau went over to the Countship of Limburg, and Virneburg.
  11. In 1342 the Palatine Counts of W黵ttemberg purchased the countship of T黚ingen.
  12. Ranulf demanded the restitution of both wife and countship.
  13. The countship was elevated to a dukedom in 1528.
  14. In the 12th century, the countship passed to the family of Lusignan.
  15. The precise dates of Emmo s countship are unknown.
  16. In 1683, Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenl鴙e sold the countship to Gustav Frederik Wilhelm Wedel.
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