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  1. And sometimes that country cousin is just the fella you're looking for.
  2. Bangkok residents live in a totally different world from their country cousins.
  3. The new urban middle-class ministry increasingly left their country cousins far behind.
  4. One guidebook described it as the place New Yorkers take their country cousins.
  5. Town houses display humble whitewashed walls, while artful stenciling decorates their country cousins.
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  7. The San Francisco singer-songwriter could be Kurt Cobain's country cousin, all anguish and poetry.
  8. These Ritz country cousins sure know how to make company want to come back.
  9. Cowbirds and a handful of other feathered country cousins have joined the crow migration.
  10. In matters of politics, the Berkshires have long felt like a forgotten country cousin.
  11. Workers here voted heavily for Zyuganov, but not as heavily as their country cousins.
  12. They aren't your run-of-the-mill gutter city rodents, but their country cousins, the field rat.
  13. The New York Yankees and San Diego Padres are well connected, like cross-country cousins.
  14. City folk are more liberal than their country cousins.
  15. Quebecers tend to dismiss them as poor country cousins fortunate to have a powerful guardian.
  16. Zetterquist's show makes clear that Vietnamese potters were not the country cousins of the Chinese.
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