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  1. The country bumpkin became a figure out of specific time and place.
  2. I was like a country bumpkin and quite ignorant of the theater.
  3. Many educated Vietnamese view the conservative Phieu as an inept country bumpkin.
  4. As the antihero he fused his country bumpkin portrayal with his heroic dancing.
  5. "It's a little bit like the city slicker versus the country bumpkin ."
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  7. Most took him for a country bumpkin who lucked into winning 786 games.
  8. I threw out any number of reasons why a country bumpkin from Fayette
  9. A country bumpkin who summons a Sacred Beast through her pet mouse, Tsuina.
  10. If you think they are a bunch of country bumpkins, they are not.
  11. The cosmopolites across the island in Tokyo considered them " country bumpkins ."
  12. While he later would deride Granite Staters as " country bumpkins,"
  13. Buddy Bell, who played for the Reds then, is shown as a country bumpkin.
  14. Nowadays, under the Japanese, it's the country bumpkins who matter.
  15. Allow me to play the role of a country bumpkin.
  16. I wasn't some country bumpkin coming into the business ."
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