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  1. "I count my blessings, " he said.
  2. And doing gardening on top of that counts for something more.
  3. My thrill was plying my awful Transylvanian accent on the Count.
  4. I can probably count them on the fingers of one hand.
  5. But he likes Kohl, so that doesn't count.
  6. It's difficult to find count in a sentence.
  7. In a crisis, he believes, flexibility and ingenuity count.
  8. The music sounds good and that's all that counts.
  9. In either case, his salary would count against the cap.
  10. It's what they bring with them that will count.
  11. "It's your diet over time that counts.
  12. Barry Klarberg gets paid to count Mark Messier's money.
  13. Hoffman counts them, precisely, in a matter of seconds.
  14. Mostly I count the things that are important in this life.
  15. It looks like we'll have to count every vote.
  16. Stone says, he wasn't interested in body count.
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