cough mixture in a sentence

"cough mixture" meaning  "cough mixture" in Chinese  
  1. 30 litres of cough mixture seized, man detained, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  2. Mixing ephedrine with cough mixture is prohibited by the National Dadah Agency,
  3. Cough mixture, medicine seized in raid on house, NEW STRAITS TIMES
  4. Two held in cough mixture seizure, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  5. Those who cannot get dadah may take heavy doses of cough mixture to get high.
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  7. I think the worst we've had in the past is the wrong cough mixtures ."
  8. Shall be grateful if anybody can say if Benylin cough mixtures are available in France?
  9. The cough mixture was sold between RM15 and RM30 per bottle after being mixed with ephedrine.
  10. The error was seen two weeks after the contaminated cough mixture was first dispensed on 21 February.
  11. He maintained he unknowingly took the drug in a cough mixture and was cleared by his national association.
  12. The Department of Health said concentrated chloroform water instead of diluted chloroform water had been put into the cough mixture.
  13. Athletes who fail doping tests sometimes claim innocence and blame medication such as cough mixtures and pain killers for the result.
  14. On one visit he finds the morphine in her bathroom cupboard and substitutes it for cough mixture so she won't notice.
  15. He added that the cough mixture was believed to have been brought in from other States for distribution in the district.
  16. A bottle of cough mixture and some pills lay on the bloodstained ground next to mud bricks knocked out by the impact.
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