cough it up in a sentence

"cough it up" in Chinese  
  1. On the Vikes'next possession, Teague forced Leroy Hoard to cough it up.
  2. Another ball gets trapped in her throat and she coughs it up.
  3. "You're not going to get us to cough it up, " he said.
  4. One throws up a shoe, and the model coughs it up.
  5. Submissions include fumble soup, bloody Gary cocktails and the cough it up casserole.
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  7. The bride-to-be must cough it up to HIS parents.
  8. They can't hold onto the football and they can't make other teams cough it up.
  9. It was startling because Brown, who led the Patriots with nine catches, rarely coughs it up.
  10. Suggested alternate titles : " Cough It Up,"
  11. "Any time you cough it up, it's frustrating,"
  12. "If you cough it up, it doesn't hurt you, but it turns you off to sashimi ."
  13. They don't cough it up ."
  14. Not only did the coaches pay big money, but the players had to cough it up as well.
  15. He choked on a pill and did not have the strength to cough it up or work it down.
  16. Mattson charges $ 85 per hour, plus expenses, although Dolphins offensive tackle Harry Swayne isn't ready to cough it up.
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