cough drops in a sentence

"cough drops" in Chinese  
  1. She found the Tercel's pantry nearly bare : A single cough drop.
  2. I said, " I really don't, but would a cough drop help ?"
  3. I would never claim that cherry cough drops made me well.
  4. Propolis is also used to make cough drops for cough and throat irritation.
  5. Luden collaborated with a pharmacist to develop a cough drop formula.
  6. It's difficult to find cough drops in a sentence.
  7. We used to torment her by hiding her Vicks cough drops.
  8. Q : My dad swears by cough drops called Fisherman's Friend.
  9. One group is shelved between cough drops and cold remedies near the pharmacy.
  10. In Denmark, for example, mosses are used in face creams and cough drops.
  11. Pippen said, turning the word over in his mouth, like a cough drop.
  12. In fact, they do not even qualify as candy; they are cough drops.
  13. However, in 2016, the Smith brothers cough drop brand folded due to declining sales.
  14. In 1967 Frank Zappa wrote a soundtrack for a Luden's cough drops television commercial.
  15. Luden's Cough Drops sponsored the 15-minute program until June 1947.
  16. Theatrical and throaty-- a distinctive sound no extra-strength cough drop could make more soothing.
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