correct decisions in a sentence

"correct decisions" in Chinese  
  1. At least they took the time to make the correct decision.
  2. This is the correct decision, and we commend the mayor,
  3. Perhaps Texas Rangers first baseman Lee Stevens made the correct decision.
  4. Much more often than not, he made the correct decision.
  5. It was still the correct decision at the time for us.
  6. It's difficult to find correct decisions in a sentence.
  7. This was not an easy decision, but a correct decision.
  8. He makes some very human but not necessarily morally correct decisions,
  9. It ( the sending off ) was a very correct decision,
  10. It was the correct decision because it began to dry again.
  11. Most of the time, the admin makes the correct decision.
  12. I think the decision to do that was absolutely the correct decision,
  13. Wallace and Pitino believe they have made the correct decisions.
  14. Benson is convinced that he has made the correct decisions.
  15. For Vikings running back Charles Burnley, it was the correct decision.
  16. Ohno said it was the correct decision and said he expected it.
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