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  1. When I examine the text box in'Edit Source'it shows the correct coordinates.
  2. :: : The Serpentine Gallery article does have the correct coordinates.
  3. Manheim provides the crew with the correct coordinates to beam down to avoid the security fields.
  4. To get correct coordinates for a place, if you know it, you can use various satellite view systems.
  5. I enter in correct coordinates in longitude and latitude ( sourced from Google Earth ) for the village.
  6. It's difficult to find correct coordinates in a sentence.
  7. After you choose your template, you would enter in the coordinates into your chosen template using the correct coordinate format.
  8. :: I'm not sure where I'd be getting the correct coordinates, though . '04 : 17, 16 December 2012 ( UTC)
  9. And Bayerle's lawyer hints that his client will be going back on the offensive to reclaim the wreck using his correct coordinates in court.
  10. I used the hjl _ get _ Coor tool for Google Earth to determine that the correct coordinates are really 35?4228.43N, 80?9221.53W which wiki codes out to.
  11. Air controllers at " Sycamore " then directly delivered the correct course, altitude, and speed necessary for the strike aircraft to deliver their ordnance to the correct coordinates.
  12. The article on the small Pacific island of Guguan has the correct coordinates set to place the " W " marker in the centre of the island in Google Earth.
  13. The article history suggests the correct coordinates were added to the article in December 2008 and I see no evidence of an earlier set of incorrect coordinates that Google might have used.
  14. Even though Wikimapia has coordinates for the bridge I can not find any source that shows those are the correct coordinates ( though they are obviously very close if not correct ).
  15. "Dream Chronicles : The Book of Air " spans several distinct areas that can be traveled to by airship once players discover the correct coordinates for a location and use colored stones to fill up the fuel device.
  16. A different approach was taken for " Quake ", which would calculate perspective correct coordinates only once every 16 pixels of a scanline and linearly interpolate between them, effectively running at the speed of linear interpolation because the perspective correct calculation runs in parallel on the co-processor.
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