correct colors in a sentence

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  1. Children have to pick up the correct color Martian from the machine.
  2. That software lets users correct color, retouch or crop the electronic photos.
  3. Because neutral-gray linear-polarizing filters are easily manufactured, correct color rendition is possible.
  4. Also, keep them well hydrated, and use the correct colors oOS
  5. Those with correct color vision can discern a figure within the dots, Brucker said.
  6. It's difficult to find correct colors in a sentence.
  7. Using a different PDF reader produces correct colors.
  8. I believe the correct color is more blue-ish.
  9. These machines require the user to input the correct color change sequence before beginning to embroider.
  10. Furniture must first be of the correct color.
  11. Black marbles are very expensive, but change to the correct color when they arrive in a bin.
  12. Second, not all image editors will let you force the number of colors using the correct colors!
  13. If it did, it wouldn't be correct color and it would not be in the correct location.
  14. But green would be the correct color.
  15. It would be reasonable to colorize a uniform where a source for the correct colors could be found.
  16. A white key peg indicates the existence of a correct color code peg placed in the wrong position.
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