correct but in a sentence

  1. The engine was said to be correct but is not confirmed.
  2. I think " then " here is factually correct but unnecessary.
  3. The ones currently on the Wikipedia page are correct but incomplete.
  4. I believe all 4 are correct but just wanted to check.
  5. The comparisons are endless, often correct but sometimes banal.
  6. It's difficult to find correct but in a sentence.
  7. Everything the bureaucrats say is correct but nothing the minister says is.
  8. The article sounds correct but can anyone tell me more about it?
  9. Many of these constructions are grammatically correct but only out of context.
  10. Do not just delete what is more correct but less frequently used.
  11. :: Vranak's answer is partly correct but partly misleading.
  12. His initial intuition proves to be correct but too late!
  13. The content could be partially correct but the claims could be exaggerated.
  14. Mfume is correct but he isn't right.
  15. It is 100 % correct but just typed badly.
  16. TParis is correct BUT that could cause outing issues.
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