correct balance in a sentence

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  1. And the commission hasn't found the correct balance of stability and sacrifice.
  2. We need to make sure there is a correct balance between the two.
  3. The Office of the High Representative is striking the correct balance.
  4. Finding the correct balance between these two attributes usually leads to a successful product.
  5. A correct balance of these fatty acids is vital to normal brain function and structure.
  6. It's difficult to find correct balance in a sentence.
  7. I believe we have the correct balance today.
  8. The last style, gravity, is the correct balance of all six of these types of style.
  9. "I think what's happening is that the markets are groping for the correct balance underlying the system,"
  10. In so doing, the jury struck the correct balance between the state's demand and the defense's hope.
  11. Some veterans simply hold a section of garden hose up to the carbs and listen for the correct balance.
  12. If there was the correct balance of qi within the body upon death, an adherent could'feign death'and be reborn.
  13. The answer was yes, but it took 41 attempts before they arrived at a correct balance of high-and low-impedance particles.
  14. But in The Los Angeles Times newsroom in recent years, the correct balance has often been a matter of debate.
  15. Even when governments were assertive they often miscalculated the correct balance between the use of power and reliance on diplomacy.
  16. The correct balance must always be sought, and the highest ethical standards are an important part of Wikipedia's ultimate goal.
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