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  1. Some systems have different returns for different types of corporations or corporations engaged in specialized businesses.
  2. Lane also advocated the creation of a new commission with powers over any corporation engaged in trusts.
  3. In " Doyle ", the taxpayer was a corporation engaged in the manufacture of lumber.
  4. The main goal of the game is to fight a corporation engaged in criminal activity on a planet called Estrella.
  5. Voiceless claims that factory farming corporations engage in legalised cruelty in the name of higher profit and cheaper animal products.
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  7. One of his first actions as a Senator was to introduce legislation requiring federal licensing for corporations engaged in interstate commerce.
  8. In 1837, Connecticut adopted a general corporation statute that allowed for the incorporation of any corporation engaged in any lawful business.
  9. The corporations engaged in this downsizing turned increasingly to outplacement companies to get their former workers placed in new jobs as quickly as possible.
  10. The recent scandals have given rise to a speeded up action in the Senate on some of the criminal penalties against corporations engaged in wrongdoing.
  11. Bombardier Inc is a Canadian corporation engaged in design, development, manufacturing and marketing activities in transportation equipment, aerospace, and recreational products.
  12. Ltd . is an Australian multinational corporation engaged in the design, development and selling of sporting apparel including compression garments, triathlon, Victoria.
  13. The bank was Worthen Bank in Little Rock and the Frank Lyon Corporation engaged in the distribution of home furnishings, primarily Whirlpool and RCA electrical products.
  14. Any international firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture or marketing of products for the hardware channel is eligible to become a non-voting associate member.
  15. In 1910 he co-founded and became Vice-president of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, a corporation engaged in collecting, organizing and transmitting business information.
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