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  1. Under the California corporations code, it is unlawful to use schemes to defraud investors.
  2. Many reference laboratories, such as DASA, Quest Diagnostics, and Dynacare, use MUMPS software written by or based on Antrim Corporation code.
  3. Private HEI's are established, and governed by special provisions by a Corporation Code, and can be divided into sectarian and non-sectarian.
  4. Per PBCI by-laws the Secretary will be the president in a concurrent position, However, " per Corporation Code Title III Sec . 25.
  5. They are subject both to California Corporations Code and to the California Education Code as well as the policies of the California State University and their individual campus.
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  7. PBCI held an election under these By-Laws on March 1, 2009 where Mariano " Nitoy " Tamayo was elected president . " Per Corporation Code TITLE V Section 46.
  8. According to Corporations Code section 10400, a corporation may be formed for the purpose of preventing cruelty to animals, and may pursue legal action against anyone for violating anti-cruelty laws.
  9. The suit accuses Snell of violating the state's Consumer Protection Act, its Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act, its General Corporation Code and its common law prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law.
  10. The GISSV is a California non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors composed of both German and American volunteers and operated in accordance with the California non-profit corporation code and the GISSV bylaws.
  11. The enacting state's benefit corporation statutes are placed within existing state corporation codes so that the codes apply to benefit corporations in every respect except those explicit provisions unique to the benefit corporation form.
  12. Also relevant is whether the organization is established under Corporations Code Section 12201 as a nonprofit organization, as well as the organization s financial records and the processes or procedures by which the enterprise makes itself accountable to its membership.
  13. The Corporation Code allows a K . K . to be formed as a, or a ( so-called ), in which case the board of directors must approve any transfer of shares between shareholders; this designation must be made in the articles of incorporation.
  14. Since 597t is a criminal law, it may not be enforced by private entities through civil action, and may only be enforced by a public prosecutor filing a criminal action, or by corporations formed for the prevention of cruelty to animals under Corporations Code section 10400.
  15. The assets of a public benefit corporation are irrevocably dedicated to its charitable purpose . ( Generally beginning in California Corporation Code at ?100  http : / / www . leginfo . ca . gov / cgi-bin / displaycode ? section = corp & group = 05001-06000 & file = 5110-5111)
  16. In California, " The amendment, S . B . 1301, changes existing law ( found under Corporations Code Sections 2500-3503 ) to emphasize the social-purpose nature of the FPC, most notably by changing its name to the  Social Purpose Corporation .  S . B . 1301 takes effect on January 1, 2015.

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