coronet books in a sentence

  1. "' Coronet Books "'was established in 1966 as the paperback an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton.
  2. After the 2003 Rugby World Cup, Robinson wrote an autobiography entitled " Finding My Feet : My Autobiography " published by Coronet Books.
  3. A later paperback edition by Coronet Books was a tie-in with the then-current " Return of the Saint " television series.
  4. The memoir was announced in April 2013, reported to be written with journalist Jason Fine, published by Coronet Books, and given a 2015 release date.
  5. The first full " Blue Heelers " novel, " Maggie's Story ", was written by Roger Dunn and released in 1997 by Coronet Books.
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  7. ""'Wanderers Of Time " "'is a collection of five science fiction short stories by John Wyndham, published in Coronet Books in 1973.
  8. In the UK, Coronet Books published the other, written by Trevor Hoyle under the pseudonym " Larry Milne . " Each represents the screenplay faithfully, but they are stylistically quite different.
  9. The only English-language printing that used " and " instead of an ampersand ( & ) was the Coronet Books printing published by Hodder Fawcett Ltd . in the United Kingdom ( 1968 ).
  10. "' The Redwater Raid "'is a novel written by the English author Michael de Larrabeiti and published in 1972 in the United Kingdom by Coronet Books under the penname of " Nathan Lestrange ".
  11. ""'Exiles on Asperus " "'( ISBN 0-340-24046-6 ) is a collection of science fiction short stories by John Wyndham, writing as John Benyon, published in 1979 after his death by Coronet Books.

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