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  1. The city coroner is notified-- a man in spectacles.
  2. I envision the coroner's certificate . ( begin italics)
  3. In the past, the county coroner issued cremation certificates free.
  4. Golden was unavailable for comment, said coroner spokesman Scott Carrier.
  5. A coroner's inquest determined that police used excessive force.
  6. It's difficult to find coroner in a sentence.
  7. The coroner ruled that the baby died from shaken baby syndrome.
  8. His death is the subject of a coroner's investigation.
  9. The coroner takes forever to get there, and to leave.
  10. Coroners say the men were wearing new black-leather boots.
  11. The coroners are not trained medical people, most of them.
  12. Every coroner in the country does this on a daily basis,
  13. The coroner had not been able to determine when she died.
  14. The coroner's verdict, however, was coronary occlusion.
  15. Coroner's investigators did find prescription antibiotics in the house.
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