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  1. The titanium stopper is a device that replaces the standard cork stopper.
  2. Strap 160, 000 cork stoppers together and what do you get?
  3. It is a low molecular weight cork stoppers into wine.
  4. Tall and narrow and fitted with a cork stopper, it could be stored between windows for chilling.
  5. Flasks which do not come with such stoppers or caps included may be capped with a rubber bung or cork stopper.
  6. It's difficult to find cork stopper in a sentence.
  7. Jerry is chased among the myriad of toys ( briefly stopping to fire a trick cannon's cork stopper at Tom ) and hides inside a carriages.
  8. A mid-19th to early 20th-century slave or tenant site in Dorchester County, Maryland yielded a buried witch bottle whose cork stopper was bristling with straight pins.
  9. As the cost of natural cork stoppers goes up and the bother of cork taint continues to be a problem, more wineries are turning to synthetic closures.
  10. In the last test, 90 percent of samples of natural cork stopper shipments showed values of under 1.0 ppt and only 7 percent had showed results of 1.0-2.0 ppt.
  11. Fulfilling a 30-year-old dream, American John Pollock on Saturday readied his boat made of cork stoppers for a trip down one of Portugal's largest rivers, from the border with Spain to the Atlantic ocean.
  12. However, some in the wine industry say natural cork stoppers are important because they allow oxygen to interact with wine for proper aging, and are best suited for wines purchased with the intent to age.
  13. Other articles reflected ordinary life _ scraps of an 1894 newspaper, toothbrushes, a silver tablespoon, toys, snuffboxes and an early baby bottle with a cork stopper and glass container connected to a rubber tube and nipplelike mouthpiece.
  14. You can buy a bottle of domestic dry sherry for $ 4 or $ 5 that comes with its own plastic-topped cork stopper; put it in the refrigerator for cooking purposes, and it will keep for weeks.
  15. Pollock, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, said they built the boat by wrapping seven cork stoppers in a rubber band to make a hexagon and then lashing the hexagons together with fishing nets to make sturdy stacks.
  16. With his famous shadow boxes, Joseph Cornell took the flotsam of daily life _ cheap wine glasses, broken dolls, tiny medicine bottles, rusting thimbles, old cork stoppers and paper cutouts _ and invested them with the luminous permanence of art.
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