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  1. As for the dubbing of the film in Catalan, is Jos?Corbacho who replaces the manchego comic.
  2. The first part of " Corbacho " is focused on earthly love, which Mart韓ez rejects by pointing out all of its pitfalls.
  3. Passengers were evacuated using hydraulic ramps and Ms . Corbacho said the injured person, who was only identified as Patricia Moran, was taken to hospital.
  4. On June 25, 2012 she presented with Jos?Corbacho the talent contest " Todo el mundo es bueno ", canceled three weeks later due to low ratings.
  5. "' Alberto Corbacho de la Cruz "'( born October 1, 1984 ) is a Spanish professional basketball player for three-point shooters in the Spanish League.
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  7. Juan Rodr韌uez de la C醡ara's " Triunfo de las donas " ( 1445 ) includes 40 feminist arguments meant to counter the misogyny of Mart韓ez's " Corbacho ".
  8. In 1931, it was leased to another entrepreneur, Mr . Eduardo Corbacho for the equivalent 10 % of the incomes of the spectacles, with a minimum guarantee of R $ 300, 000 r閕s.
  9. Alejandro Luis Corbacho, in " " Predicting the probability of war during brinkmanship crisis : The Beagle and the Malvinas conflicts " " considers the reasons for cancelling the operation ( p . 45 ):
  10. Le髇 was called " one of the most important capos of the Cuban-American Cuban boxer Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot was sentenced to seven years in prison after Puig allegedly testified against him to the Cuban authorities.
  11. To make his point, Dillehay steers his dust-covered Jeep Cherokee toward the ruins of a crumbling 800-year-old pyramid, the Huaca Corbacho, which rises starkly out of the surrounding sugar cane fields.
  12. Examples of other early works that use Spanish proverbs are the " Libro de Buen Amor " by Juan Ruiz ( 14th century ) and " El Corbacho " by Alfonso Mart韓ez de Toledo ( 15th century ).
  13. Corbacho beat the record of averaging 3 point shots scored for a national player in the Liga ACB during the 2012 13 season, when he averaged 3.2 three-point shots scored per game, with a total of 110 goals.
  14. An airbus belonging to the British Leisure company, which took off from Manchester, ran 200 meters off the end of the runway around 2 : 50 a . m, suffering damage in the landing gear and in both engines, said Silvia Corbacho, a spokeswoman for the Ibiza Airport.
  15. In 2013, Corbacho Daudinot's lawyers filed a federal lawsuit against Puig in Miami, claiming that Puig delivered false testimony that led to Corbacho Daudinot's imprisonment under " inhumane " conditions, and in so doing violated the Torture Victim Protection Act; the suit seeks $ 12 million in damages.
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