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  1. The ending is changed to see Volpone and Mosca escaping together with Corbaccio's wife.
  2. Arrested on false charges, Kornblow, Corbaccio and Rusty eventually crash Stubel's plane into a police station where the brothers expose Stubel as an escaped Nazi.
  3. Some such disappointment could explain why Boccaccio came suddenly to write in a bitter " Corbaccio " style, having previously written always in praise of women and love.
  4. It was Boccaccio's final effort in literature and one of his last works in Italian; the only other substantial work was " Corbaccio " ( dated to either 1355 or 1365 ).
  5. This novel was translated into Italian as La macchina delle nuvole ( Milan, Corbaccio 2002 ) and into German as Die stumme S鋘gerin ( Berlin, Kindler 2002, paperback Frankfurt-am-Main, Fischer 2005 ).
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  7. Inept Kornblow takes charge of the hotel, and eventually crosses paths with Corbaccio ( Chico ), owner of the Yellow Camel company, who appoints himself as Kornblow's bodyguard, aided and abetted by Stubel's valet Rusty ( Harpo ).
  8. Despite Volpone s pleas, Mosca refuses to relinquish his new role as a rich man; Volpone reveals himself, and his deceits, in order to topple the rich Mosca; in the event, Voltore, Corbaccio, Corvino, Mosca and Volpone himself finally are punished.
  9. After a period of crisis, Longanesi was relaunched by Mario Spagnol ( 1930-1999 ) through the acquisition of some prestigious publishing houses such as " Guanda ", " Salani " and " Corbaccio " and through some successful ventures in the field of paperbacks.
  10. Volpone insists on disguising himself and having it announced that he has died and willed his wealth to Mosca, which enrages the would-be heirs Voltore, Corbaccio and Corvino, and everyone returns to court to dispute the will of Volpone, who becomes entangled in the circumstances of the plots that he and Mosca devised.
  11. In France, there have been three further video and DVD adaptations of " Volpone " based on versions of the Stefan Zweig / Jules Romains script : in 1978, Jean Meyer directed a production in the'th殁tre de boulevard'style for the Th殁tre de Marigny and Panorama ( Au Th殁tre ce soir ), starring himself as Corbaccio, Jean Le Poulain as Volpone, Francis Huster as Mosca and Claude Jade as Colomba ( Celia ).
  12. He rejoined the Royal Shakespeare Company for their 1924 season, and remained with that company for the next twenty years, both as actor, and in the early 1930s, as costume designer . and, in the 1943 season at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon he played Antonio in " Twelfth Night ", Montano in " Othello ", Theseus in " A Midsummer Night s Dream ", the Duke of Exeter in " Broadway at the New Century Theatre, playing the Earl of Gloucester in " King Lear ", Corbaccio in " Volpone ", and Polonius in " Hamlet ", in a production which transferred from the 1943-44 season at the Scala Theatre in London.

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