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  1. Using different copolymers most of the remaining codons were then determined.
  2. In gradient copolymers the monomer composition changes gradually along the chain.
  3. Molar mass determination of copolymers is a much more complicated procedure.
  4. The acrylic crystal is referred to as " copolymer plastic ".
  5. The new drug copolymer 1 was equally ineffective for her.
  6. It's difficult to find copolymer in a sentence.
  7. One way to alleviate this is to use a copolymer.
  8. The goal is to synthesize a final copolymer that is both photodegradable.
  9. Copolymers of defined stereoregularity can also be easily made in this way.
  10. One patented fuel composition included vinyl decaborane-polyester copolymer.
  11. Typical copolymers are Hostaform from Celanese and Ultraform from BASF.
  12. One example is inserting an oligomer into a multiblock copolymer.
  13. When different monomers are polymerized, a copolymer is formed.
  14. This can become useful when talking about liquid crystals and block copolymers.
  15. EGDMA can be used in free radical copolymer crosslinking reactions.
  16. One successful scaffold is a copolymer of lactic acid and glycolic acid.
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