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  1. Bernstein's longtime correspondence with Aaron Copland is especially informative.
  2. Of course, in Copland, it will be much smarter.
  3. Carter began as an American populist after the model of Copland.
  4. Namely, that Copland doesn't match up to NT?
  5. The music is steeped in the language of Barber and Copland.
  6. It's difficult to find copland in a sentence.
  7. Bartok and Stravinsky did this; so did Gershwin and Copland.
  8. Kurt Weill was born that year, as was Aaron Copland.
  9. AARON COPLAND : The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man.
  10. He manages to make even Copland's sex life dull.
  11. Aaron Copland : The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man.
  12. We gave the world Copland, Ives, Gerswhin and Bernstein.
  13. The musicians start to play, but Copland soon stops them.
  14. While still young, he befriended Ives, Copland and Gershwin.
  15. Choruses, Spano will conduct Aaron Copland's First Symphony.
  16. Some of his translations were set to music by Aaron Copland.
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