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  1. A more complex transfer occurs when the orbits are not coplanar.
  2. A triangular and hexagonal form can be constructed with coplanar faces.
  3. All the labelled points, except D and E, are coplanar.
  4. If the triangles are coplanar, this test is not entirely successful.
  5. Another unusual feature is that the faces all occur in coplanar pairs.
  6. It's difficult to find coplanar in a sentence.
  7. If the lines are not coplanar, then they must be skew.
  8. my math teacher today was explaining collinear and coplanar today.
  9. The hexagonal form is also a polygon, but has coplanar faces.
  10. In other words, two non-coplanar lines.
  11. In addition, overlapping regions of coplanar faces can cancel each other out.
  12. For each solution to PnP, the chosen point correspondences cannot be coplanar.
  13. None of the triangles of coordinating atoms and the central atom are coplanar.
  14. The system is not coplanar, with each other or with the stellar rotation.
  15. But for coplanar polygons, the problem is inevitable unless corrective action is taken.
  16. This occurs when their nodal planes are coplanar.
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