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  1. In many instances, the portions are copious to a fault.
  2. Despite copious sun, temperatures will remain below normal Saturday afternoon.
  3. In addition, Doonesbury Flashbacks contains copious background and reference material.
  4. The head's copious blood supply also benefits the eyeballs.
  5. Jeunet stages the gore with copious, slime-oozing aplomb.
  6. It's difficult to find copious in a sentence.
  7. The Clove's season of copious dogwood also came early.
  8. The Geocities site still collects copious personal information from new subscribers.
  9. The report notes the copious amounts of gifts the two exchanged.
  10. Without copious irrigation, eggplant would be seedy and taste bitter.
  11. His copious commentaries have themselves become the subject of scholarly study.
  12. In each case, the Falcons'president required copious prodding.
  13. Another jackass snorts copious amounts of wasabi, and immediately vomits.
  14. Our yard grows copious amounts of clover, which attracts honeybees.
  15. Copious illustrations are also geared for the non-English speaker.
  16. This trip yielded over 3, 000 verses and copious notes.
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