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"coordination" meaning  "coordination" in Chinese  
  1. Breakdowns in communications, errors in judgment, lack of coordination.
  2. In the initial stages, there was less coordination than now.
  3. His physical coordination is erratic, and he played with difficulty.
  4. The coordination of information is put together on a professional basis.
  5. With Robbins, that means dizzy spells and loss of coordination.
  6. It's difficult to find coordination in a sentence.
  7. The job is skewed on the side of coordination and management,
  8. It taught him coordination, concentration and how to change leads.
  9. Seattle's problem, once again, was its coordination.
  10. Takami Eto, director-general, Management and Coordination Agency.
  11. It takes a lot of timing and hand-eye coordination.
  12. You develop quickness and speed, coordination, timing and rhythm.
  13. "Coordination is very hard, " he said.
  14. "Coordination is very hard, " h said.
  15. Develops motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperative play.
  16. Second, improve coordination and eliminate layers in foreign aid programs.
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