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  1. This will apply to octahedral coordination compounds of the transition metals.
  2. Ions of neptunium are prone to hydrolysis and formation of coordination compounds.
  3. Coordination compounds have uses in both nature and in industry.
  4. Coordination compounds can also be used to identify unknown substances in a solution.
  5. His insight allowed chemists to rationalize the number of isomers of coordination compounds.
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  7. This coordination compound is used primarily as a shift reagent in NMR spectroscopy.
  8. Coordination compounds are vital to many living organisms.
  9. Coordination compounds are also widely used in industry.
  10. It studies the physical and chemical properties, syntheses and structures of coordination compounds.
  11. The Cu is now a five coordination compound bonded to nitric oxide and water.
  12. In modern coordination compounds almost all organic and inorganic compounds can be used as ligands.
  13. Many organic coordination compounds occur naturally.
  14. These building blocks are either purely organic molecules, coordination compounds or a combination of both.
  15. The class of ligands and pioneering studies on their coordination compounds were described by B黵ger and Wannagat.
  16. The use of these splitting diagrams can aid in the prediction of the magnetic properties of coordination compounds.
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