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  1. Phthalocyanines form coordination complexes with most elements of the periodic table.
  2. These two metals undergo similar reactions and form similar coordination complexes.
  3. However, osmium coordination complexes containing cyclobutyne have been synthesized.
  4. The conjugate base derived from 1, 3-ketones form coordination complexes.
  5. Illustrations of a . metal-organic frameworks and b . supramolecular coordination complexes
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  7. He has described syntheses of catenanes and molecular knots based on coordination complexes.
  8. It is common in academic laboratories for the synthesis of chromium coordination complexes.
  9. also forms coordination complexes with transition metal ions.
  10. It can also be described as a polymer whose repeat units are coordination complexes.
  11. Mendelevium can form coordination complexes with 1, 2-cyclohexanedinitrilotetraacetic acid ( DCTA ).
  12. Deprotonation of HNacNac compounds affords anionic bidentate ligands that form a variety of coordination complexes.
  13. Despite this, the use of lanthanide coordination complexes as heterogeneous catalysts in various industrial processes.
  14. Hypochlorites do not form stable coordination complexes with heavy metals and so are not viable ligands.
  15. The phenomenon is most often observed in mixed-valence bi-and polymetallic coordination complexes.
  16. Palladium-fluorine coordination complexes have been developed to catalyse the synthesis of difficult to make.
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