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  1. After that he was also inducted in the Coordination Committee of Mqm.
  2. He said IOC coordination committee chief Jacques Rogge supported the budget measures.
  3. Yao is the executive director of the ruling party's Policy Coordination Committee.
  4. Yao is also the executive director of the party's Policy Coordination Committee.
  5. NPTUF is a constituent of the United Trade Union Movement Coordination Committee.
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  7. The coalition's coordination committee seems to the last hope for the Vajpayee government.
  8. This auditors or delegates must be approved by the Coordination Committee.
  9. Based on Investment Coordination Committee estimates, the project will cost some P2.6 billion.
  10. He led the field work of the Bengal Medical Relief and Coordination Committee.
  11. In 1985, he was elected Chairman Kisan Coordination Committee ( 1985 1988 ).
  12. Simitis said at a meeting with the national coordination committee for the euro.
  13. He also serves on the Attorney General s Anti-Gang Coordination Committee.
  14. SLOC officials outlined their financial projections for the state Legislature's Olympic Coordination Committee.
  15. Asuda is a member of NGOs Coordination Committee for Iraq ( NCCI ).
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