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  1. Earla-Kim McColl ( then-head of the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre ).
  2. IRB Station Saint John is tasked by Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Halifax.
  3. SAR operations are organized by Joint Rescue Coordination Centres ( JRCC ).
  4. It is the national coordination centre for the QIP of polytechnic institutes.
  5. Well, the Military history project has its own in-house coordination centre, at logistics.
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  7. Coordination Centre ( OA-ICC ) at the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ).
  8. Some of these are run by the network's International Coordination Centre ( ICC ).
  9. Vituaka became the coordination centre leader of the anti-soviet resistance partisan movement in Belarus.
  10. A member can contact the Choice Coordination Centre in Singapore to redeem the rewards.
  11. "It is not true that the Supreme Command is taking over from the coordination centre,"
  12. Coordination centres were set up in the hardest-hit areas.
  13. The Coordination Centre set up a " crisis room ", assigning workers to 24-hour shifts.
  14. A technical coordination centre has also been set up at a DOE office in London.
  15. It has since 2003 been jointly located with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Southern Norway.
  16. The IP address ( 82.77.7 . 239 ) leads to RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam.
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