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  1. New Zealand Rescue Coordination Center spokesman Ray Parker said in a statement.
  2. Glenn Chamberlain, spokesman for the Canadian Forces and Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center.
  3. Captain Ahmad Osman of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center told The Associated Press.
  4. They are controlled from a coordination center in South Australia state.
  5. Sixteen Coast Guard watch officers staff the coordination center 24 hours a day.
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  7. Oliveira said by telephone from the Azores maritime rescue coordination center.
  8. The equipment would go to a new National Drug Coordination Center.
  9. The three are all from Noumea, New Zealand's National Rescue Coordination Center said.
  10. CERT Coordination Center : http : / / www . cert . org
  11. Mozambique's National Disaster Coordination Center welcomed the aid but said more was needed.
  12. Denise LaViolette of the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  13. Carnegie Mellon University's CERT ( Computer Emergency Response Team ) Coordination Center warns.
  14. When he did not arrive the Rescue Coordination Center was notified.
  15. Richard Pethia of the federally funded CERT Coordination Center said in prepared testimony.
  16. Oliveira said by telephone from the Azores Maritime Rescue Coordination Center.
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