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  1. Their knowledge of local languages such as Pashto and Urdu gives them an edge in coordination activities.
  2. He later joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1950, and did various planning and coordination activities until 1957.
  3. Within the USA, the British Security Coordination activities worked to counter pro-German sentiment, and isolationist opinion.
  4. At the end of 2006, the SAFA coordination activities, including the centralised database, have been transferred from CJAA to EASA.
  5. Over the years, the HMA has added to its coordination activities to include clinical trials authorisation, worksharing of safety aspects, pediatric indications, interpretation of legal provisions and product testing.
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  7. Discussion of further expanding coordination groups of notified bodies for different product areas, improving marketing surveillance, and making participation in standardization and coordination activities mandatory began within E . U . member states.
  8. Additionally, payment models that compensate PCMHs for their functions devoted to care coordination activities and patient-centered care management that fall outside the face-to-face patient encounter may help encourage further coordination.
  9. Case reports of rehabilitation programs for patients with PSP generally include limb-coordination activities, tilt-board balancing, gait training, strength training with progressive resistive exercises and isokinetic exercises and stretching of the neck muscles.
  10. The GGWSSI strengthens existing mechanisms ( such as Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program, Environmental Program ( CAADP ) of NEPAD, regional, sub-regional, and national action programs to combat desertification ) to improve their efficiency in the Sahel-Saharan regions through synergy and coordination activities.
  11. It makes appropriations for : ( 1 ) the Office of the Under Secretary for Management, ( 3 ) the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, ( 4 ) the Office of the Chief Information Officer, ( 5 ) intelligence analysis and operations coordination activities, and ( 6 ) the Office of the Inspector General.
  12. "' Corporate functions "': Preparaton and upkeep of data on coal inventories, operations and potential, advising the NITI Aayog on coal related matters, nodal agency functions on beahlf of the Government of India in the matters related to mineral exploration, coordination activities between related companies in India and research and development in the field of mineral mining.

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